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It is a brand suitable for the new normal, which will provide takeaway-oriented service in street delicacies and fast food products, will shift its marketing focus to digital media channels, and aim to gain brand positioning quickly with its unique flavors apart from well-known fast-moving consumer goods.   


We propose this name in response to the brand request that emerged with the expectation of the business that will respond to the brand and marketing model suitable for the new normal. This name, which does not have an exact equivalent in any language, is a brand name that is suitable for the phonetic language, is catchy and will be catchy with its clarity.


In order to give the perception of naturalness and sincerity, we have prepared only a typographic logo design in the soft-edged handwriting model. We wanted it to represent speed and practicality with its sloping stance and the line underneath. We believe that it is a logotype that will not cause difficulties in application with its minimalisticity in usage areas and will support a young and dynamic stance in designs.

dogas logo 1.jpg

We provided an energetic expression with the "Good Food is Good Mood" spot, which states that a relaxed, cheerful and happy mood is possible with a quality, delicious and enjoyable meal.

dogas logo 2.jpg

We integrated the perception that Dogas brand is a fun, dynamic and young brand that reflects street tastes by adding mascot drawings. We used these mascots as complementary elements in many areas, especially in social media posts.

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