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N2 Mobil

N2 Mobil Tracking Systems Inc., which was established in 2014 as the distributor of the Karel brand, one of the leading companies in communication in our country, in the field of mobile tracking systems, aims to be the leader in the market by producing solutions that make a difference in the sector with 100% domestic production and software. 

Services offered to its users;  Vehicle  Tracking Systems, Earthmoving Tracking System, Station Tracking System, Service Tracking System, Parent Information System, Motor Vehicles Driving Courses Information Systems offers tracking solutions and acts with a mission focused on improving its service network.

Legacy Logotype

N2Mobil Eski Logotype

The main problem of the logo representing the brand; Figures do not have identical values with typography. The graphical approach, which symbolizes mobile communication, not only limited the service diversity of the brand, but also removed it from the elements of balance. 

N2Mobil İkon

While the symbol to be used as an emblem exhibits a common figure approach to stylize the letter N and the number 2, it also creates a frequency wave expression. While the emblem serves as an icon when used alone, the dynamic structure has been tried to be emphasized with a gradient. 

N2Mobil Tipografi

In typography, the font with clear reading and space balance is preferred. With its gray tone, it added a seriousness to the innovative stance of the emblem. It is planned to change the name of the word MOBILE according to the service name in the sub-service branches by bringing the N2 expression to the forefront for brand awareness. Example; N2 HTS, N2 DTS...

N2Mobil Logotype
N2Mobil Temel Basılı Materyaller
N2Mobil Kurumsal Basılı Materyaller
n2mobil cephe.jpg
N2Mobil Outdoor Basılı Materyaller

Our Other Projects

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