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Serving as one of the leading companies in the real estate sector since 2010, we brought the current logotype design, corporate identity and brand image creation process to the present day.

RELATING TO; In addition to selling and renting residences, workplaces, land, warehouses, shops, flats, it provides consultancy services that will bring all parties of the project to the most effective result in many issues from creating projects, to managing relations with public institutions, from condominium owners reconciliation to contracting and contracting agreements. .

2014 öncesi.png

2014 and earlier logotypes

The logotype used in 2014 and before had an unbalanced structure and a stance far from integrity. Typographic errors made it difficult to articulate a stand-alone and hard-to-read slogan.


logotype between 2015-2016

A strong form and originality was gained in order to provide clearer expression of typography. The emphasis to bring the brand name to the fore was stylized. After these changes, in order to reflect the corporate identity of the company, to strengthen its communication and to provide clear and  444 81 16 A national and  corporate firm statement was created with the phone number number no.

A clear-cut design focus was provided for ease of perception in outdoor advertisements. brand identity was reflected in the designs.

A communication link was established with investor-oriented target audience messages. In the messages, the emphasis was placed on earnings.

Problems experienced in sale and rental posters, which are among the areas where the brand logo is displayed the most, have been removed. Standards that are in line with the corporate identity, have a clear expression and have design integrity have been established.


logotype after 2017

In the third phase of the branding process, the result was achieved with a simple and unique typography that would emphasize the name and increase brand awareness by removing the weak emblem and service area titer.

01 temel tasarımlar.jpg

While designing the corporate identity, the stance of the logo in the areas where the company operates has been determined as the target in form designs that will provide the clearest expression. The areas where real estate companies exhibit themselves the most are advertisement posters for rent and sale.

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After the creation of the corporate statement, we started the launch process by using various channels to increase brand awareness.


We tried to convey the perception of "trust", which is the most important element in the real estate sector, by using the spotlight of "relevant solver business". We brought the expression of trust and consequentialism to the perception of the brand with the motto of "Solving, completing, concluding".

In the areas of works, wall cladding, radio spots, and digital advertisements, a message was given by giving integrity with the key image. Because it is a symbol representing key real estate, it removes the inner question of what it solves about.