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First of all, we renewed BirrYapı's brand identity. Then, it will consist of 2 stages and have a total of 400 flats  BirrŞehir'We planned the concept of project development and sustainable brand value.

We started the project launch on December 12, 2016. After completing all the media planning of the launch, we reached approximately 650,000 unique people within 10 days, together with our sales and marketing strategies, and we have been instrumental in the sale of 60 apartments from the project so far.

Legacy Logotype

eski logotype.png

We decided that the dominant color should be a color that refers to the basic elements of the sector, instead of red, by moving on a more rigid, plain and typographic logotype instead of the template emblem that does not carry a unique expression for the brand.

logotype önerisi.png
logotype beyaz.png

its unique typographic structure stylises the original stance. while the emblemless structure brings the brand name to the fore. exhibited a different style from other companies in the sector. perspective sections symbolize the forward-looking face, structures that will have visionary value, and stability. Blue is the color of trust, stability and innovation. This shade of blue refers to the sky, stylized forward-looking goals.

01 temel tasarımlar.png
lansman cover.jpg

Project Launch

Our first task for the mass housing project, which was planned under the name "Bir Dört Beş Üç", was to find a catchy name that could carry brand value. As a result of our studies, we rolled up our sleeves for the project called "BirrŞehir". It has succeeded in becoming a brand that will become the name of a stop even for public transportation vehicles, add value to the region where it is located and that that location will be remembered in the future.

bir şehir 3d logo.png
04 outdoor.png
bir şehir 3d logo.png

1. Campaign Period


In the first period of our campaign, we made an ambitious and interesting entrance with the spot "Birr City that will change the standards of Gebze". We simultaneously published advertisements consisting of project features, detail and price information on facade advertisements, bus wraps, radio spots, print and digital media channels.

bir şehir 3d logo.png

2. Campaign Period


In the second and most influential part of our campaign, we made it memorable by making outdoor advertisements in the most central locations of Gebze and broadcasts on other channels with the spot "The most valuable marriage proposal of this year".

bir şehir 3d logo.png

3. Campaign Period


In the third period of our campaign, we achieved a feeling of trust and awareness with the slogan "More than half sold, advantageous brand project with early delivery", which complements the perception of success in the first two periods.

before after1.jpg
before after2.jpg

Our Other Projects

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