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In 2019, we started to work with EDF Ozon, which aims to produce personal ozone generators so that ozone gas, which is used in many treatments, just before the pandemic period, meets the final consumer.

EDF Ozone Generators, which were designed entirely by Turkish engineers and produced with state-of-the-art equipment in their factory at international standards, were to start with home-type ozone generators and then offer alternative solutions for many areas.

EDF Ozon Logotype

The first step was to write scenarios for advertorial commercials to explain what the ozone generator is, what it does, its benefits and usage areas. We completed the shooting and editing of 6 different commercials after details such as venue, figuration, advertising text, voiceover, animation suitable for these scenarios.

EDF Ozon Türkiye'nin Ozon Jeneratörü
fb hakkında cover.jpg

We turned existing products into 3d designs to be used in many areas. In this way, we were able to use it by rendering at any angle we want, especially in social media, product promotion leaflets, promotional catalog, animation and videos.

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